Once the rough framed opening is prepared, we install a tapered shim over the top of the rough sill to give our water proofing and the pan fall to the exterior of the house. The green material around the opening is primer that will enhance the adhesive on the back of our peal and stick water proofing.

The second step in preparing the window and door pans for water proofing is installing the pan itself. The pan in a lot of installations is usually galvanized metal due to economics but he preferred materials are copper and stainless steel.

Once the pan is installed, an additional strip of rubberized peal and stick water proofing is run up the sides of the window and door openings to insure that water does not get under the pan flashing at the base of the opening. I won’t get into the other water proofing details around the window and door opening at this time.

It is all ways good practice to install a drainage course to allow water to escape out of a window or door pan. The gray vertical strip under the window sill is a corrugated piece of plastic designed to be placed under stucco, metal or wood siding.

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