Pre-Construction Services

As essential as it is to find the right Design Team for your project, it is just as important to find the right Contractor. By bringing these groups together early in the design process, we can provide you with budget updates and pre-construction scheduling. We are often called upon to evaluate Engineer’s portions of the project and explore alternate methods and material without compromising the design team’s vision.

We can also offer our expertise in reviewing the plans for accuracy and detail prior to bidding.

Our goal in this phase of your construction experience is to bring cost, quality and scheduling together so at the end of the design phase the project can move seamlessly to the construction phase.

Construction Phase

At Bruder Construction we take great pride in staffing our projects with Job Site Superintendents and Project Managers that oversee every aspect of the construction process from end to end. They ensure that your project runs smoothly, there is continual dialog between the Contractor and the Design Team, and the project meets all of its milestones set by the project timeline and stays on budget. Our Management Team makes sure that all of our Craftsmen and Subcontractors have a construction environment that allows them to perform at their maximum potential.

Construction Cost Control

Once the scope of work and a budget has been established and approved, it will not change unless we are directed by the Owner to do so. That change to the scope of work is only executed once a change order or credit has been reviewed and signed by the Owner/Owner’s Representative and Bruder Construction. We keep our Clients up to date on the cost of their project by holding weekly job site meetings where we review the current billing and any change orders or credits that have been requested by the Owner. We document the billing by using a comprehensive spreadsheet billing system that individually itemizes all the phases of the project and tracks the cost to-date percentage complete and the cost to completion. This document is also accompanied by a transactional detail report itemizing and detailing what each cost on the billing statement is for and by invoice backup providing a copy of the invoice from the Subcontractor or Material Supplier as well as a lien release.

Weekly Construction Meetings

We believe that one of the keys to maintaining a smooth running project is the weekly job site meeting. This meeting is usually attended by the Owner or Owner’s Rep, key members of the Design Team and the Project Manager and the Project Superintendent. All project meetings are outlined by the meeting agenda created by our Project Managers. The meeting reviews all activities from the prior week and the upcoming week, any items that need immediate attention by the team, a walking tour of the project site and a review of the current billing.

Our Subcontractors

Our passion for excellence is reflected in the Subcontractors that we work with. We pride ourselves in our long term relationships with our Subcontractors, Craftsmen and Material Suppliers. We can do this because we share the same appreciation for perfection and a job well done. Just as we believe in a clear and detailed contractual agreement with our Clients, we equally believe in having the same type of agreement with our Subcontractors. This eliminates miscommunication and confusion as to what is expected from our Subcontractors. We require that all of our Subcontractors carry workers compensation insurance and errors and omissions insurance and that the Owner and Bruder Construction are named as additionally insured on each project.

The Project Timeline

Equally important as a detailed set of Building Plans to guide the Builder is the Project Timeline. This tool is critical in scheduling all of the activities and their duration. The timeline is one of the first things we develop after creating a scope of work and is continually refined until the start of construction. Once construction is started, the timeline rarely changes. The timeline is distributed to all of the members of the construction team and is relied on daily to keep of our projects on track.

Client Communication

Whether we deal directly with an Owner or an Owner’s Representative, we believe that a constant line of communication is the key to a successful working relationship. We maintain this communication by whatever means the Owner is comfortable with. We also keep the Owner up to date with weekly progress reports when he or she is not available for our weekly job site meetings.

Quality Control

We make it our mission to create a project with the highest level of quality at every phase of the construction process. We do this through our Project Managers and Job Site Superintendents. They, with our Craftsmen and Subcontractors, partner in making sure that every component of your home is perfect. This is part of our passion for building custom homes.

Post-Construction Services

Bruder Construction’s commitment to Client satisfaction continues past the construction of their home. We are still maintaining projects that we completed 25 years ago. Post-construction services start with a complete and detailed review of all of the homes systems and functions with the Owner or the Owner’s Rep. Bruder Construction makes sure that the Owner and the Owner’s Rep understands the systems and operations of their home. We do this at the Owner’s convenience and pace until they are comfortable with the systems in their home. We also present the Owner with a binder of all the manuals and operating systems of their home. We fill out and send all warranty cards to the manufacturers for the Owner and follow up promptly with any warranty issues that may arise. We warranty our projects for up to two years and most of our manufactured items receive longer warranty periods.

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