Jay came to our rescue on a complex hillside rebuilding project that required extensive planning, permitting, and approvals. He did such a great job, we have have since used him on several other projects. We especially appreciate his ability to anticipate potential problems and provide creative solutions. He has become our official go-to guy for all of our building and construction needs.
Phill Miller and Ann Sweeney
Jay has built many projects for me, including my own house, and has done consistently great work. Some of the smoothest running remodels I?ve experienced have been with Jay. I and my clients have always been happy with the results. I recommend him highly.
Kevin Oreck Architect, Inc

I have a rule. Never recommend contractors to friends or clients. Jay is now the clear exception. For our remodel, Jay and his team did a first rate job with the least amount of disruption. I would not hesitate to use Jay again.
Sam and Leah Fischer

I have worked with Jay Bruder for over 2 years on projects both large and small. I have found him to be incredibly reliable, attentive, and of the utmost integrity. I could not imagine working with another contractor. I could not recommend anyone higher.
Rick Rosen | WME

I had heard all the horror stories over the years about contractors. I am so happy to report that I had the opposite experience. Jay Bruder was a complete professional, on budget, on time, and kind. I would use him again without hesitation and have referred him at every turn. He’s the best.
Nancy Jones

Jay Bruder and his team constructed our dream master his and hers bathrooms, closets and bedroom. All of his work was first rate using the finest quality and delicate materials. Jay was completely hands on from start to finish, totally professional, kept to his budget and a real pleasure to work with.
Alison and Daniel Petrocelli

Jay Bruder is a great contractor. One of the best things about him is that he loves his job; he is knowledgeable about his craft and likes a challenge. In the course of construction, Jay always takes ownership of the issues and problems that arise. He does not walk away from anything. Besides all of these things, Jay is a very pleasant person…always even-tempered and cheerful. I enjoy working with him very much.
Dennis Gibbens, Architect

I have nothing but great things to say about working with Jay Bruder on my home. Every time I hear a horror story from one of my friend’s about how a contractor screwed up their jobs and their homes — I give thanks for Jay all over again. The work he did was efficient, skilled and artistically beautiful.
Michael Patrick King

Everyone knows how difficult it is to find an efficient and reliable contractor. Jay Bruder is a ‘ten’ on the rating scale! His work is outstanding and his subcontractors are excellent in every area.
Joan and Neil Baizer

If you enjoy the industry standard of missed deadlines, poor craftsmanship and project mismanagement, stay away. Jay Bruder is not the guy for you. His methods are a little unorthodox in that he cares about quality and won’t accept anything less than living up to his word. I know it sounds crazy but it worked for us.
Jerry and Dana Solomon

We only wish that we had met Jay Bruder years ago. We turned to Jay in a time of crisis with our previous contractor, and he stepped in ably, efficiently, and with the utmost integrity to finish our house. Now that we see how the process can be done right on every level, we would never use anybody except Jay Bruder and his subcontractors.
Dylan Clark and Loren Montgomery

Over a six month period, I worked with Jay Bruder on a daily basis and found it to be the most satisfying relationship I’ve ever had with a builder.
Don Mischer

Jay’s attention to detail, ability to get quality subcontractors promptly, aesthetic sensibility, and grace in handling clients, has made working together a sheer joy…
Elizabeth Burns

In my many dealings with Jay Bruder, I have found him to be more knowledgeable, professional, inventive, and personable than anyone I have known in his field.
John S. Harrington
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